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Wok N'Grille

Lemon Ginger Shrimp         21.95

Grilled shrimp with asparagus, zucchini, squash, and carrots in lemon and ginger garlic sauce

Chilean Seabass                      31.95

Choice of honey miso glazed or yuzu soy butter sauce

Kalbi                                              20.95

Grilled beef short rib with sweet garlic soy sauce

General Tso's Chicken 辣    17.95
Sesame Chicken                      17.95
Mango Chicken 辣                   16.95

Tender chicken glazed with mango, onion, tomato, and Thai basil

Shrimp Tempura                    19.95
Tempura Assorted                 17.95

Shrimp and assorted veggie tempura served with tempura sauce

General Tso's Shrimp 辣      20.95

Crispy jumbo shrimp served with sweet spicy sauce

General Tso's Chicken& Shrimp 辣                          22.95

Panang Salmon 辣                 21.95
Grilled Salmon with Thai style curry sauce served with vegetable
Grilled Steak with Soy Garlic Sauce in Sizzling Plate   22.95
Seven Flavor Beef                   20.95

Marinated flank steak with chef's seven flavor sauce served over vegetables
Green Curry Chicken 
辣         16.95

Sliced chicken breast, string beans, and bamboo shoots simmered in green curry coconut milk

Pepper Steak 辣                      20.95

Marinated flank steak tossed with onions, red and green peppers in a garlic and black pepper sauce

Orange Beef 辣                       20.95

Crispy flank steak tossed in sweet, spicy, and tangy sauce with orange peels

辣 - Spicy

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Asian cuisine contains nuts, sesame, ginger, and garlic in many occasions. Please inform us when you are allergic to them.

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